Below, from most recent to least recent, is our curated collection of official WoW designer tweets and posts that are directly related to the rogue class. For now this collection only dates back to Nov. 12, 2015.

Instead of embedding the tweets themselves, Twitter conversations are transcribed below, with @mentions omitted (the tweets are otherwise not edited). It's less pretty, but it also takes up a lot less space, plus it's permanent -- even if the original tweets are deleted, this text will remain.

Legion Beta: Lack of Shadow Dance Stance Is Intended (June 2 '16)

  • @Esoterikk: Another build and still no Shadow dance paging/stance macro ability, come on guys. #legion #wow
  • @WarcraftDevs: Not a bug, but we hear the feedback. This requires adjustment in the short term, but we believe it is for the best.
  • @Esoterikk: " (it still can be, through macros/addons if you prefer)." Did you guys change your stance?
  • @Celestalon: Yes, that is very old. Many changes have occurred since then.


Legion Beta: Incorrect Damage, Buggy Spells (June 2 '16)

  • @etand230: maybe one day u will realize eviscerate and shadowstrike do way less than the tooltip and akaari's soul misses 95% of the time
  • @Celestalon: Link me to a detailed bug report on that? I think we're tracking some issues with that, but not quite what you describe.
  • @SvelteKumquat: Have any logs been posted regarding specific rogue abilities performing well below what tooltips would indicate?
  • @Celestalon: I'd note that if the damage difference is more than just armor, the issue is likely the tooltip, not the damage.

(sources: 1, 2)

Legion Beta: Deeper Strategem Bug (May 30 '16)

In the Legion beta theorycrafting thread, player Xaryen asked (regarding Subtlety): "Deeper Stratagem - Are Alacrity/Ruthlessness/Relentless Strikes supposed to have 20% chance for an additional effect proc when using a finisher at 6 CPs?" Celestalon replied:

They’re supposed to, but likely aren’t yet. We’ll get that fixed.

Legion Beta: Weaponmaster Clarification (May 30 '16)

In the Legion beta theorycrafting thread, player Xaryen asked (regarding Subtlety): "Weaponmaster - Does the second hit only do damage or can it trigger additional effects of the original cast, for example can it trigger Deepening Shadows/Alacrity/Energetic Stabbing/Second Shuriken/bonus combo points(shuriken storm) etc." Celestalon replied:

Yes, it should be triggering a full second copy of each DD ability, with all additional affects as such. On periodic damage ticks, it deals an additional hit named “Weaponmaster” of the same damage.

Legion Beta: Nightblade Bug (May 30 '16)

In the Legion beta theorycrafting thread, player Xaryen asked (regarding Subtlety): "Is Finality: Nightblade supposed to pandemic with regular Nightblade?" Celestalon replied:

We’ll get this fixed.

Legion Beta: Blunderbuss Proc Rate (May 30 '16)

In the Legion beta theorycrafting thread, player Xaryen asked (regarding Outlaw): "What is Blunderbuss proc rate?" Celestalon replied:


Legion Beta: Combat Potency Proc Chance (May 30 '16)

In the Legion beta theorycrafting thread, player Xaryen asked (regarding Outlaw): "is Combat Potency still 20*(OH speed/1.4) percent proc chance?" Celestalon replied:

No, 30*(OHSpeed/1.4).

Legion Beta: Garrote and Rupture Snapshotting (May 30 '16)

In the Legion beta theorycrafting thread, player Xaryen asked (regarding Assassination): "Which (if any) buffs are supposed to be snaposhotted by Rupture/Garrote? Nightstalker/Subterfuge/Elaborate Plannning are currently known to do this." Celestalon replied:

Rupture snapshots Nightstalker. Garrote snapshots Nightstalker and Subterfuge. Neither snapshots Elaborate Planning.

Legion Beta: Blurred Time Clarification, Bug (May 30 '16)

In the Legion beta theorycrafting thread, player Swol asked the following about the Outlaw artifact trait Blurred Time: "It looks like this reduces your cooldowns by 40% and maintains the "percentage" of the spell cooldown on application and buff fade. That is, if you had 10sec left on a 20sec cooldown, after you apply adrenaline rush you would have 6sec left on a 12sec cooldown, and vice versa for when the buff fades. Is this the intended behavior, and, if so, do you plan to update the tooltip?

"Also, right now it is not affecting the cooldown of Between The Eyes or Curse of the Dreadblades. Is this intended?"

Celestalon replied:

This functionality is intended, and seems to be described accurately by the tooltip. What tooltip change do you expect?

It not affecting Between the Eyes and Curse of the Dreadblades fixed for next next build.

Legion Beta: Akaari's Soul + Versatility Bug (May 30 '16)

In the Legion beta theorycrafting thread, player Swol asked: "Is it intended that Versatility is not affecting Akaari's Soul's Soul Rips? Most pets in the game benefit from Versatility." Celestalon replied:

Nope. Fixed for next next build.

Legion Beta: Poison Knives Clarifications (May 30 '16)

In the Legion beta theorycrafting thread, player Swol posted the following about the Assassination artifact trait Poison Knives: "I am wondering how this interacts with Surge of Toxins. If you proc Poison Knives while Surge of Toxins is up, does it calculate Poison Knives damage assuming you have Surge of Toxins for remaining duration of Deadly Poison?

"I was also testing if the damage is calculated based on the duration remaining on deadly poison, or the damage remaining. When I applied deadly poison one time, then used Fan of Knives to proc Poison Knives, it appears that it behaves predictably: If I have two ticks remaining, the damage is calculated based off the damage those two ticks will do, regardless of when I proc is between the 2nd and 3rd tick. But, when I test it in a situation where Deadly Poison is being refreshed often, it is unclear to me how it is working. The damage was higher than if I based it off of the Deadly Poison ticks that would have happened after the proc. It seems to be taking into account a partial tick?"

Celestalon replied:

Poison Knives + Surge of Toxins should work; fixed for next next build. “Remaining damage” is calculated as the total damage done if all of the remaining ticks were to occur at that time (ie, with current buffs/debuffs).

Legion Beta: Shadow Blades Bug, Clarification (May 30 '16)

In the Legion beta theorycrafting thread, player Swol asked the following about the Subtlety spell Shadow Blades: "Right now Shadow Techniques won't proc during this, since your auto attack turns into two spells that are cast instead. Is this intended? Seems like the combo point generating portion of the buff is someone offset by the reduced combo point generation from auto attacks? Also, does this mean that you don't suffer from the DW miss penalty either? It seems like that is the case right now."

Celestalon replied:

Shadow Techniques + Shadow Blades fixed for next next build. Yes, you don’t suffer the DW miss penalty during Shadow Blades.

Legion Alpha: Agonizing Poison Clarifications (May 7 '16)

In the Legion alpha theorycrafting thread, rogue player Lørentz asked (regarding Assassination): "Is Agonizing supposed to not let apply Deadly and Wound Poison? If yes, how Poison Knives/Deadly Alchemist should interact with Agonizing then? Envenom buff? Master Poisoner talent?" Celestalon replied:

Agonizing Poison is exclusive with Deadly and Wound, yes.

Poisoned Knife should work with all poison combinations and talents. There were several bugs here though, which should be fixed for next next build.

Legion Alpha: Blood Sweat Clarification (May 7 '16)

In the Legion alpha theorycrafting thread, rogue player Lørentz asked (regarding Assassination): "How Blood Sweat picks targets?" Celestalon replied:

Blood Sweat chooses a random target that has a smaller or no bleed of that type. (Smaller in terms of total damage remaining left in it.)

Legion Alpha: Poison Bomb and Haste (May 7 '16)

In the Legion alpha theorycrafting thread, rogue player Lørentz asked (regarding Assassination): "Poison Bomb(Major Artifact trait) ticks shrink with Haste. Intended?" Celestalon replied:

Poison Bomb does not interact with Haste.

Legion Alpha: Death from Above and True Bearings (May 7 '16)

In the Legion alpha theorycrafting thread, rogue player Kiwifruit asked: "Is death from above triggering True bearings cd reduction twice an intended interaction? Currently procs cd reduction once on the aoe, again on the run through." Celestalon replied:

Unintended. Should be fixed for next next build.

Regarding Legion Alpha Build 21570 (April 27 '16)

In the "design notes" post for this alpha build, Celestalon wrote the following in the "Class Status" section:

  • Subtlety Rogues – Removed Symbols of Death from the GCD.

And he posted these two bullet points within the "Artifact Trait Status" section:

  • Outlaw Rogue – Curse of the Dreadblades duration tweaked.
  • Subtlety Rogue – Fortune’s Bite revised.

[Visit our changelog for a summary of rogue changes in this build.]

Legion Alpha: Fortune's Bite and Shadow Techniques (April 22 '16)

In the Legion alpha theorycrafting thread, Sativ asked: "How is Fortune's Bite(Artifact Trait) supposed to work with Shadow Techniques. Will it allow passive to proc from 1st or/and 2nd attack after previous one?" Celestalon replied:

It's a currently an increase that results in X% more procs per minute, but in an obviously hard to understand way. We're going to change it next build to be just an X% chance to generate 2 CP.

Legion Alpha: Agonizing Poison Plays Well With Others (April 22 '16)

In the Legion alpha theorycrafting thread, Sativ asked: "Is it intended that Agonizing Poison doesn't interact with Deadly Brew, Mind Numbing or System Shock at all [PvP Talents]?" Celestalon replied:

Agonizing Poison should work with Deadly Brew, Mind-numbing Poison, and System Shock. If it doesn't now, that's a bug we'll fix.

Regarding Legion Alpha Build 21531 (April 21 '16)

In the "design notes" post for this alpha build, Celestalon wrote the following in the "PvP Talent Status" section:

  • Outlaw Rogues – Thick as Thieves replaced Tricks of the Trade.

[Visit our changelog for a summary of rogue changes in this build.]

Regarding Legion Alpha Build 21491 (April 13 '16)

In the "design notes" post for this alpha build, Celestalon wrote the following in the "Class Status" section:

  • Subtlety Rogues – Master of Shadows and Relentless Strikes swapped and revised.

[Visit our changelog for a summary of rogue changes in this build.]

Legion Alpha: Phantom Assassin Bug (April 7, 8 & 21 '16)

In the Legion alpha PvP feedback thread, rogue player Vãrick reported issues with the Phantom Assassin PvP talent not performing correctly with Smybols of Death. Phalanx replied:

Agreed. Not intended for Symbols of Death to cost Energy when applied through Phantom Assassin. Fixed in an upcoming build.

On April 21, Varick posted to the thread to report that the problem still wasn't fixed. Phalanx replied:

With Shadow Dance, or stealth in general? Seems like I forgot to fix it on the stealth side. But should be fine with Shadow Dance.

Legion Alpha: Roll the Bones Intent (April 7 '16)

  • @Ausy88: do you foresee outlaw rogues recasting roll the bones in PvE when they only get jolly roger (healing buff) and is that OK?
  • @WarcraftDevs: Yes, and that's okay. When soloing, the healing, in conjunction with the artifact ability, should be quite useful.


Legion Alpha: Internal Bleeding Details (April 6 '16)

  • @KrisJWeddle: Will Internal bleeding apply to stun immune mobs in Legion? Will it's damage increase with Deeper Stratagem?
  • @WarcraftDevs: No, it will not apply to stun-immune targets. However, Deeper Stratagem will increase it's potential damage.


Regarding Legion Alpha Build 21414 (April 6 '16)

In the "design notes" post for this alpha build, Celestalon wrote the following in the "Class Status" section:

  • Rogues – Tricks of the Trade has returned.

[Visit our changelog for a summary of rogue changes in this build.]

April Fools' Patch Notes (April 1 '16)

Blizzard's annual fake WoW patch notes tradition featured the following rogue-specific bits:

  • We’ve buffed the Anticipation talent. Just wait ‘til you find out what we did! It’s gonna be awesome.
  • Corrected an issue with Hemorrhage that caused it to occasionally leave love bleeding in the caster’s hands.
  • Using Pistol Shot will now cause Outlaw rogues to declare the current time of day, which is always high noon for some reason.
  • Rogues can no longer Pick Lock. They can, however, continue to Pick Warrior, Priest, and/or Hunter.
  • We felt the name of the “Thuggee” talent did not properly fit into the Assassination Rogue’s class fantasy. We’ve renamed it to “On Fleek.”
  • Death has found out that you’ve been Cheating it all these years, and isn’t pleased. It’s pretty miffed about it, to be honest.

Legion Alpha: PvP Stealth Bug (March 30 '16)

In the Legion alpha PvP feedback forum, rogue player Harland posted about a recurring stealth issue: "When you are in stealth, or get a re-stealth you will randomly drop stealth." Phalanx replied:

We're fixing bugs like these daily. Let us know where exactly it's happening so we can reproduce it.

There was an invisible spell being cast within the arena start that was breaking rogues out of stealth, should be fixed now. Blame Holinka.

Regarding Legion Alpha Build 21375 (March 30 '16)

In the "design notes" post for this alpha build, Celestalon wrote the following in the "Class Status" section:

  • Subtlety Rogue – Level 30 talents adjusted to work with Shadow Dance.

[Visit our changelog for a summary of rogue changes in this build.]

Regarding Legion Alpha Build 21287 (March 17 '16)

In the "design notes" post for this alpha build, Celestalon wrote the following in the "Class Status" section:

  • Outlaw Rogue – Roll the Bones now rolls 6 dice instead of 5. A subtle change, but this should resolve the rotational issue of wanting to reroll until you get a perfect roll. Jolly Roger tweaked to better synergize with the artifact.

And he added this in the "Artifact Trait Status" section:

  • Outlaw Rogue – Active ability revised to play better with the rotation. A few traits revised.
  • Assassination Rogue – Several traits revised. In particular, Blood of the Assassinated applies a temporary increase to Rupture damage, instead of an additional bleed, solving synergy issues with Venomous Wounds.

[Visit our changelog for a summary of rogue changes in this build.]

In the Subtlety feedback thread for this build, Celestalon wrote:

Hey Subtlety Rogues. Here’s a change that didn’t make it into today’s build, but we’re planning for a soon upcoming build:

The Level 30 talent row will be adjusted to work with Shadow Dance. This is partially implemented in today’s build, so you’ll see some evidence of this. For Subtlety, Nightstalker and Shadow Focus will apply to Shadow Dance as well as Stealth, at a reduced effectiveness. And Subterfuge for Subtlety will also slightly increase the duration of Shadow Dance.

Keep that in mind for feedback on this build! Thanks!

Legion Alpha: Deepening Shadows and Luck (March 3 & 16 '16)

  • @SvelteKumquat: Hey, is bad luck protection built into Deepening Shadows at all? Wondering if there's a limit to the proc "wait."
  • @Celestalon: It's a simple 5% chance per combo point, nothing further.
  • @KrisJWeddle: 5% rolled 5x (without deeper strategem) not 25%?
  • @Celestalon: One [5*CP]% chance. 25% at 5 CP.


Rogues "Will Likely" Keep Their Glaives (March 14 '16)

  • @rumpleskinny: Will the Warglaives of Azzinoth be recoded as "warglaives" with new warglaive animations? Or still swords and old animation?
  • @WarcraftDevs: It's important that Warriors and Rogues continue to be able to use them, so they will likely remain as swords.


Legion Alpha (Assassination): Death From Above Damage (March 10 '16)

Senior Game Designer Brian "Desvin" Holinka hijacked a Legion alpha thread on Assassination PvP balance to provide this tuning update:

Relevant to this thread, but we found a bug with Assassination's Death from Above that is causing it to hit way harder than intended. We'll be fixing shortly.

Subtlety in Legion: Shadow Dance Bar; AoE; Talents (March 10 '16)

In response to player concerns that 1) Shadow Dance in the Legion alpha was bugged because it was not loading the stealth bar, 2) Subtlety's AoE damage design was flawed and 2) some Subtlety talents were poorly designed, Chadd "Celestalon" Nervig posted the following in the official Subtlety rogue feedback thread for the current Legion alpha build.

[Regarding Shadow Dance not loading the stealth action bar:] This is not a bug. The thought is that there are so few buttons that require stealth, it's not worth having stealth be a forced separate action bar (it still can be, through macros/addons if you prefer). That's certainly subjective, of course, and we're interested in feedback from everyone on that.

One of the most common feedback topics here is AoE; we're not ignoring that. Subtlety AoE is divisive, for sure. Some like it (and so aren't posting here), and some dislike it. We're fine with that. Subtlety has a very different, but extremely strong in its own way, form of DPSing in AoE situations. If it's a style you're not comfortable with, it's OK to prefer other specs that have more traditional forms of AoE gameplay.

There's also discussion about talents. Subtlety is trying to satisfy a wider variety of players than before, and its talents reflect it. Something that "should be baseline" to you, is likely "avoid at all costs" to someone else, and so fits well as a talent. There's definitely tweaks we can do to talents to improve them, and we'll continue iterating, though.

Roll the Bones and "Fishing" for Buffs (March 8 '16)

In response to concern expressed by players that Outlaw rogues would keep casting Roll the Bones in an effort to get the best possible buff, Celestalon posted the following in the official Outlaw rogue feedback thread for the current Legion alpha build.

The intention is not for you to keep fishing for the lucky 5-buff Roll the Bones. If you have theorycraft indicating that it's optimal to keep using Roll the Bones, when you already have a buff (apart from the Health one), we'd love to review that.

[Then a few hours later, in a followup post]

In the build after next, you'll find that Roll the Bones rolls 6 dice, instead of 5. That should solve the rerolling-for-5-buffs issue you were discussing.

Roll the Bones Changes (March 2-3 '16)

The preceding couple of Legion alpha builds included some substantial changes to Roll the Bones, a new self-buffing finishing move being introduced with the Outlaw spec. Several players have noted that the ability has some unusual behavior; Fierydemise explored it deeply in this forum post on MMO-Champion. Celestalon provided some clarification in a pair of brief posts in the official forums.

[In the "3/2 Alpha Build Design Notes" thread]

Celestalon: Outlaw Rogues – Roll the Bones has received some additional new changes.

Fierydemise: Is it possible you can elaborate on what has changed? Testing RtB buff proc rates and breakdowns is a pretty substantial undertaking

Celestalon: Nothing changed with the proc rate. Just the effects, and some visuals changed.

[In the "[Feedback] Outlaw Rogue" thread]

Gorrshan: I don't know if it's a bug or not that Roll the Bones can give you multiple buffs with 1 cast but it's super cool. RNG is normally annoying and I hate it but in this case it's actually really cool.

Celestalon: Not a bug. It gives you the buffs of whichever symbol you roll the most of. Multiples happen when there are ties.

EDIT: The winning dice are supposed to glow, but I believe there are some bugs with that right now.

Legion Alpha Forum Post: Subtlety AoE Damage Design (Feb. 23 '16)

(By Celestalon)

Discussion Prompt:

Currently, Subtlety can AoE through multi-dotting Nightblade. Obviously, this has some major downsides compared to traditional AoEs (namely, it requires more effort targeting enemies, has significant rampup when there are significant target counts, and takes a long time to play out all of its damage). It does have some upside (namely, in a situation suited for it, say 3-5 targets that last 20-30sec, its performance is relatively high, or at least will be with tuning).

However, it also has another upside, in that when there are multiple targets around, but you mostly care about damage on a single target, you can funnel all of those tons of extra combo points into the primary target, skyrocketing *relevant* damage. With people organizing roles to maximize overall performance, you can do things like "You three fully-AoEing will be enough to kill the adds in time, so the Subtlety Rogue can maximize boss DPS." and end up ahead.

Over the course of a raid tier, this will occasionally be above average, but not usually. We'd certainly argue that the current situation is more interesting than just having an "AoE Eviscerate" finisher, and there's always going to be some variance in AoE performance between specs on any given fight. The question is: Is it too much performance difference in the typical situation, to be acceptable? We'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

[Later, in response to a followup question from Wokou:]

The extra combo points are from using Shuriken Storm as your builder when there are additional targets around. Combo Points are *extremely* valuable to Subtlety, what with strong finishers and more Shadow Dances.

(sources: original post 1, 2; Wowhead blue tracker)

Legion Alpha Forum Post: Subtlety Design and Feedback (Feb. 2 '16)

(By Celestalon)

The point of alpha testing has always been to test and get feedback. That's especially valuable and needed on ideas that are hard to test internally, and ones that need to be experienced to judge.

As such, we sometimes will go forward with testing something that people respond negatively to on paper, to see if that response remains the same once it's actually been tried. That can be concerning, and feel like we're not listening or caring about your feedback, but it couldn't be any further from the truth. We hear you, loud and clear.

The idea of a Rogue that got to do the full Opener-Builder-Finisher-Vanish cycle repeatedly was an extremely compelling fantasy to us. But it also was a scary one, from a balance point of view. Because of that, we were quite timid about it, reducing the stealth to not be actual stealth, taking away more CC to compensate for the potential of many Cheap Shots, initially taking away Shadowstep to compensate for incredible mobility potential of Shadowstrike, and felt tentatively OK with the reduced flexibility of the new Shadow Dance due to its sheer uptime. Additionally, there were some bugs and tuning issues in the currently live alpha build that make Subtlety seem worse than it is, such as Nightblade doing less damage than Eviscerate, which we'll get fixed.

Feedback has been clear. The core issue is that the Opener-Builder-Finisher-Vanish cycle doesn't feel distinct or special; Shadowstrike feels remarkably like Backstab and it's easy to not even feel a difference. The upside isn't there, and the downsides are many and strong. And, the gameplay is not engaging enough overall.

So, a future alpha build (not sure yet if it'll be the next one, or the one after that) will have significant changes to Subtlety. It'll include things like Shadow Dance returning to being an active ability, the addition of a new opener, and the return of some more CC. Stay tuned for full details when the build is ready.

Thanks for all your constructive feedback, and we look forward to reading more of it when you are able to try the next version.


Shadow Dance in Legion Alpha (Jan. 6 '16)

  • @SvelteKumquat: Man. As intrigued and excited the buzz around Outlaw was when it landed in alpha, that's about how sour the initial buzz is around Sub.
  • ‏@SvelteKumquat: Forums have a tendency toward negativity, so I always take feedback with salt and pepper. But this level of uniformity is unusual.
  • @Celestalon: Where is this feedback? I'm seeing virtually none so far.
  • ‏@SvelteKumquat: This thread in particular gets off to a poor start, but has some helpful posts in it:
  • ‏@Celestalon: Oh. Reminder: Please post Alpha feedback in the Alpha forums.
    • @SvelteKumquat: Yeah, w/ rogue stuff at least, I've seen a tendency for people to vent where they feel comfortable. (And less moderated, maybe.)
    • ‏@Celestalon: Venting is fine, but we do also want to get good, useful feedback. Another reminder: Tuning hasn't happened. Ignore numbers.
      • @SuthixRogue: this issue is far far from a tuning issue. The spec has been gutted and simplified to be utter garbage
      • ‏@Celestalon: Then I look forward to reading your good feedback!
    • @lesliech0w: Streamers that I've seen playing Sub have generally bashed it as well. I know that doesn't give you any help tho
    • ‏@Celestalon: Indeed, it doesn't. It's easy to say "Blizz doesn't listen" when you don't give good feedback to listen to.

(sources: 1, 2, 3)

Shadow Dance in Legion Alpha (Jan. 6 '16)

  • @DimmyLuiz: Legion Shadow Dance is a letdown to some pvpers. Maybe let an active/passive effect? Passive is negated while on CD, thoughts?
  • @Celestalon: I'd love to hear more about this feedback. People giving it: What frequency are you imagining for the proposed version?
  • @ChritznL: Shadowstrike auto teleports you so positioning won't matter. SD is RNG so you can't focus sap on-demand etc. ZZZz.
  • @ChritznL: No sane PvP'er wants to lose the ability to make plays like we can with Shadow Dance. Its just a bad idea.
  • @Celestalon: Again, that's why I'm asking these questions. How are you imagining it will play out? There's clearly a difference.
  • @ChritznL: I'd have to test it, but it just sounds boring tbh, it'll allow a lot of uptime on target w/ good sustained.
  • @ChritznL: The downside is not being able to do stuff on-demand, and positioning not mattering due to Shadowstrike.
  • @Celestalon: So you're saying that you don't expect the proposed version will feel controllable? That's useful feedback.
  • @reasonable_bird: here's a clip from MoP which is freaking awesome: …
  • @reasonable_bird: and every single piece was absolutely necessary. pet could have killed him. DoTs would kill if healer sits trap
  • @reasonable_bird: lessons learned? 1) dance is really damn cool 2) scatter-->trap allows counter play 3) why was disarm trap pruned?
  • @Celestalon: That's totally an awesome play, yes. Different, but also elaborate and awesome plays could arise from proposed?
  • @Celestalon: I 100% understand that what you had was cool in these cases. Would like to see legit consideration of new vers.

(sources: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Pistol Shot Visual Customization? (Jan. 5 '16)

  • @ErikElgerot: Any plans to be able to glyph out the pistol for throwing axes/knives or similar, for the others?
  • @WarcraftDevs: Not currently, though it’s something we'll consider! Primary focus is on creating a strong core fantasy for Outlaws.


Crowd Control in Legion (Dec. 28 '15 - Jan. 5 '16)

  • @lesliech0w: Why is so much utility being pruned from classes anyways? I get ability bloat.. but Utility is not bloat.
  • ‏@Celestalon: Check out the class blogs. It's unlikely that whatever you're referring to is related to 'bloat' or 'pruning'.
  • ‏@Celestalon: It's more likely that it's related to delivering a strong class fantasy, distinct from the others'.
  • ‏@Celestalon: Sometimes, we've spread something around to so many classes, it no longer feels special. Trying to solve that.
  • ‏@reasonable_bird: so how exactly does removing blind from subtlety improve the fantasy of any rogue spec?
  • @reasonable_bird: and with so much CC stripped away are we going to just be tunneling damage into each other? HOW BORING
  • @WarcraftDevs: CC overall is being reduced. Blind was removed as Subtlety's rotation now includes Cheap Shot. Extremely strong.
  • @Archmike: Wtf do you mean blind is gone? Why?? It's my fave Cc! It feels so cocky just to blind a mob. Like "No! Wait your turn!" :'(
  • ‏@Celestalon: That was referring to Subtlety specifically. Different Rogue specs have different ways to CC. For example, you may like Parley.
  • @Kalrell: How is Cheap Shot part of a rotation, surely its only a utility, stun button?
  • ‏@WarcraftDevs: For CC purposes, it can be used as on a rotational basis. It’s not maximum DPS, but still commonly worth it for things like PvP.

(sources: 1, 2, 3)

Pistol Shot Animation (Dec. 10 '15)

  • @_mambazo_: Any chance Pistol Shot for Outlaws might see unique animation/unique gun? Gret concept let down by a Vanilla Blunderbuss model
  • @WarcraftDevs: The current art for Pistol Shot in the Legion Alpha is temporary. It will have a new gun and animation.


No Cheap Shot for Outlaw (Dec. 9 '15)

  • @tabington: can outlaw rogues get cheap shot back? playing my rogue in legion alpha feels really terrible without it as an opener
  • @WarcraftDevs: CC is being reduced across the board. Outlaws focus on in-combat CC. Instead of Cheap Shot, they use Bribe, Blind, and Gouge.


Garona in Class Hall (Dec. 8 '15)

  • @zushiba: Is the Garona in the Rogues Class hall the original timeline Garona? Or the Garona that became our follower?
  • @WarcraftDevs: This is the original timeline's Garona.


Pistol Shot Animation (Dec. 3 '15)

  • @GhostR1703: Is the Pistol shot animation from Rogues final ?
  • @WarcraftDevs: Nope, there's a snazzy custom animation coming in a future build. Hang tight!


Killing Spree in Legion (Dec. 1 '15)

  • @Talfxx: Is killing spree still available in legion?
  • @WarcraftDevs: Killing Spree is a talent option for Outlaws.


Subtlety: Shadowstep vs. Shadowstrike (Nov. 30 '15)

  • @reasonable_bird: ShS used to be our 41 and now you're giving it to assassination only? Uh....
  • @WarcraftDevs: Our intention is for Subtlety to be *better* at Shadowstep than the other specs, due to having a better version of it.
  • @WarcraftDevs: If Shadowstrike isn't meeting that intention, we'll iterate as needed until we reach that goal.


Outlaw Stealth (Nov. 20 '15)

  • @NintenDoingIt: Will Outlaw Rogues still use Stealth?
  • @WarcraftDevs: Outlaws do have Stealth, but it's less of a focus for them.


Shadowstrike Replaces Shadowstep? (Nov. 18 '15)

  • @ChritznL: Shadowstrike... merging Ambush & Shadowstep... Is Shadowstep gone in Legion? Favourite sub ability next to SDance.
  • @WarcraftDevs: Shadowstrike is a merge between Ambush and Shadowstep, and replaces both.


Shadowstrike Teleportation (Nov. 17 '15)

  • @Haileaus: These two tweets are at odds: … … Mind reconciling?
  • @WarcraftDevs: Both are correct. Shadowstrike is rotational, but only teleports if you're out of range (regardless of facing).


Backstab Positioning (Nov. 17 '15)

  • @Binkenstein: The positioning window stuff will be interesting. Is "behind" a 90 or 180 degree arc?
  • @WarcraftDevs: Backstab is very generous. Anywhere in the rear 270 degrees counts (back and sides).


Baseline Anticipation and Wasted Combo Points (Nov. 13 '15)

  • @MKenzie23: About CP wasting for rogues.  Anticipation is a huge help, but it feels like something like it should be baseline.  Any plans?
  • @WarcraftDevs: Not planning to make Anticipation baseline. Minimizing wasted CP is a core Rogue mechanic.
  • @WarcraftDevs: That said, we definitely recognize the ease of use it provides, so the other talent options need to be strong to compete.


Nightblade Debuff (Nov. 12 '15)

  • @johnjones3451: What kind of debuff is nightblade? Magic? Physical?
  • @WarcraftDevs: Nightblade will be Shadow damage. Whether it's dispellable or not will depend on PvP balance, but we recognize its importance


AoE Damage for All Specs (Nov. 12 '15)

  • @mrcoreydavis: Will Assassination and Subtlety AoE be made equivalently powerful with Outlaw/Blade Flurry?
  • @WarcraftDevs: Yes, we plan to make all Rogue specs competitive in AoE situations.


Backstab Positional Bonus (Nov. 12 '15)

  • ‏@DelusionalRogue: positional bonus is still bad. Maybe you should build a shadowstep mechanic into Backstab?
  • ‏@DelusionalRogue: You know... quickly teleport behind enemy, stab (in back), teleport back to original position.
  • ‏@Celestalon: When you use Backstab, it's likely just after you used Shadowstrike, which did just that.


Backstab Positional Requirement (Nov. 12 '15)

  • @Fierydemise If we do have to have positional requirements then the UI needs to communicate what "behind" is without trial and error.
  • @WarcraftDevs : There are changes incoming to the targeting selection circle that show the direction your target is facing.
  • ‏@Fierydemise: That isn't really enough, I don't know about you guys but rapidly marking out 60 degree arcs in your head isn't easy.
  • ‏@WarcraftDevs: Backstab will also count the sides.


Ranged Finisher for Outlaw? (Nov. 12 '15)

  • @Ricalloo1772: pistol shot'll let me damage & gain combo points from range. Awesome! Will there be a ranged finisher?
  • @WarcraftDevs: Yes! Instead of Kidney Shot, Outlaws have a pistol-based finisher which deals damage and stuns from range.


Shadowstrike Teleport (Nov. 12 '15)

  • @Penannular: Shadowstepping on every Shadowstrike seems dangerous in PvE. Will there be a way to lessen our need to be in a backstab zone?
  • @WarcraftDevs: Shadowstrike will not teleport you if you are already in melee range.


Shadowstrike Cooldown? (Nov. 12 '15)

  • @benpickering: Does Shadowstrike have a cooldown?
  • ‏@WarcraftDevs: Nope!


Combat: Will "Shoot" Replace "Throw"? (Nov. 12 '15)

  • @GearDread: Please, tell me that Co-..Outlaw rogues instead of throw will have shoot (vial their pistol!)
  • ‏@WarcraftDevs: Indeed. Pistol Shot provides a ranged snare and minor damage (which is heavily increased with the proc from Saber Slash).


Venomous Wounds Clarification (Nov. 12 '15)

  • @Fierydemise: Does Venomous Wounds still do damage on proc or just energy regen?
  • @WarcraftDevs: Just energy regen.


Subtlety: Shadowstrike, Not Ghostly Strike (Nov. 12 '15)

  • @insanemidNov: Why is it called Shadowstrike and not Ghostly Strike?
  • @WarcraftDevs: Because Ghostly Strike is a talent for Outlaws! :)


Subtlety: Find Weakness in Legion (Nov. 12 '15)

  • @Accomp: With substantial changes to the Sub Rogue’s Stealth uptime, should we expect to see Find Weakness in #Legion?
  • @WarcraftDevs: With the new Shadow Dance design, Find Weakness no longer makes sense, so it has been removed.


Outlaw: No Pistol Weapons (Nov. 12 '15)

  • @MyBeardDoesDPS: Is pistol a new item in itself that can be equipped for Outlaw Rogues?
  • @WarcraftDevs: Pistols are not a new weapon type. Outlaws just always have a concealed Pistol (similar to Shurikens for Subtlety).


Subtlety: Hemorrhage in Legion? (Nov. 12 '15)

  • @DonaldHindle: Is Hemorrhage still a thing for Sub Rogues?
  • ‏@WarcraftDevs: We may keep it in some form, possibly as a talent.


Burst Cooldowns in Legion (Nov. 12 '15)

  • @RavenLordV: What happenes with Vendetta
  • ‏@WarcraftDevs: The blog focused on rotational abilities. Vendetta, Adrenaline Rush, and Shadow Blades are burst CDs for each spec, respectively


Legion DoT Duration (Nov. 12 '15)

  • @kaesebrezen: Would it be possible to add the 5 combo point duration to DoT finishers on the blog?
  • ‏@WarcraftDevs: Nightblade is up to 24 seconds. Envenom is up to 6 seconds. Rupture is 24 seconds.


Energy Pooling for Assassination in Legion (Nov. 12 '15)

  • @Fierydemise: 55 energy/mut * 2 mut = 110 energy. 10 energy base+5 rupture VW + 10/3 garrote VW= 18.3... energy per second. 110/18.3=6.  Pooling is dead.
  • @Fierydemise: At the start of legion as assassination a rogue will have 18.3 energy/sec. For comparison in wrath AR only brought combat to ~22 energy/sec.
  • @WarcraftDevs: There's still a lot of tuning to be done. Venomous Wounds will be tuned so that pooling is still important.

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Designer tweets from February 2013 through May 2014 are archived on my former blog.

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