This week we had a lovely demonstration of how player/developer communication can and should work.

Last week Assassination got a couple of hotfixes:

Hotfixes: January 31

  • Agonizing Poison application no longer increases Kingsbane damage by twice the listed amount.
  • Crippling Poison, Pistol Shot, and Nightblade/Night Terrors now reduce the movement of targets by 50% (was 30%). The reduction remains at 30% in PvP situations.


Rogue DPS Guide told us what that means for us including a possibly unintended nerf to Kingsbane:


And Blizzard Community Manager, Kaivax, responded on the forums:

We’ve been watching this closely. Rather than tweak Agonizing Poison at this time, we’re going to increase Assassination damage by about 4% for most abilities. We’ll have that change go live as soon as we can.

That will mean a +4% damage to Ambush, Deadly Poison, Death from Above, Envenom, Fan of Knives, Garrote, Hemorrhage, Kingsbane, Mutilate, Poisoned Knife, and Rupture.

Thank you for the feedback!



Lo, the promised hotfix was delivered - albeit with a caveat for PvP:

Hotfixes: February 3

  • A 4% damage increase has been applied to the following Assassination abilities: Deadly Poison, Death from Above, Envenom, Fan of Knives, Garrote, Hemorrhage, Kingsbane, Mutilate, Poisoned Knife, and Rupture.
  • Assassination Rogue Agility reduced by 5% in PvP situations.


And Neverrz of Rogue DPS Guide looked at how to maximise Assassination DPS in The Nighthold after the week's rebalancing:


As always, check out Rfeann's Changelog for changes to our class:


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