The flavour of the week for this week is Assassination.

Bay of Final Boss followed up last weeks reviews of Outlaw and Subtlety specs with his look at Legion's Assassination spec:


Scott Helfand (our very own Rfeann) published a new Encrypted Text on Blizzrd Watch previewing the Assassination spec in Legion:


And Aneuryzm of Infexious Gaming created an Assassination leveling guide for Legion:


In Legion, when you use your 100 boost, you will be able to try your selected class before you commit to it. The trial includes a class tutorial and the Broken Shore questline. Wowhead gives an overview - be sure to scroll down to check out ours:


Ieatpaperbag shared a transmog which pays tribute to a profession favoured by many rogues:


And finally, as always, keep an eye on our changelog for the latest on Rogues for Legion:


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