Rogue Class Hall: Hidden in Plain Sight


Why yes, Rfeann it sure is.

Our Class Hall has a fair amount going on and one of the awesome little things that we rogues can do is occasionally benefit from the vault of treasures that Marin Noggenfogger so enjoys to nap on. Marin guards the Uncrowned Vault with pure goblin pragmatism, but there are ways to get him to part with a treasure.

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Ravenholdt T-Shirts: the European Edition

Ravenholdt T-shirtWe have a European source for Ravenholdt t-shirts!  Our wonderful logo artist, Doug Shuler, designed a simple version of the logo which is available on a unisex black shirt. 

We decided to go with a Streetshirts promo to offer these due to the simplicity of the process relative to the items and styles that they offer. What this means is that if you want one you will need to order it by 22 July 2016.

Get yours here: Ravenholdt T-shirt

If we get a good response and we are happy with the quality and the process, we may offer a second run. We might also consider offering the logo on other items, such as a hoodie. Please let us know what you think and what might interest you.

We may also do another US run before Blizzcon. US people, let us know if you are interested.

Rogue Transmogs: The Leathers Collection


Tyrgarde has treated us to two transmog sets along similar lines. He suggests that you decide which to wear depending on your race.

Leathers of a Respectful Savage

The first version will have you running instances from various expansions as well as making purchases in your Garrison.

"This one looks good on Worgen, Undead, and Trolls. Races with "normal" feet will maybe want to change the boot transmog. Seems odd running around in your bare feet. I didn't have a theme in mind when I started it. I had the shoulders and wanted some other pieces to match colors, nothing too special for this set. The black cloak with trim adds a bit of something to the set."

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Rogue Transmogs: The Engineer


Ieatpaperbag puts us in a setting with an engineering transmog that looks as battle effective as it is totally at home in the workshop. A choice of weapons makes this a truly practical and utilitarian outfit.

"I was going for an engineering look; the engineering goggle for Warlords of Draenor" looked so awesome, so I wanted to see if I could find a "look" to go with it. I also wanted to find something different that wasn't simply all tier xx," Ieatpaperbag explains and notes that he made heavy use of an old blog post by Anne Stickney, now of Blizzard Watch, which you can find here: Transmogrifying a tribute to engineering.

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