Feedback for Legion Guides

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Feedback for Legion Guides

Postby Haileaus » Thu Nov 19, 2015 11:45 am

Hey all,

We've gotten a lot of feedback about our guides leaving a lot to be desired and absolutely agree.  With Legion Beta fast approaching, guide writing season is coming up and we want our guides to be the best they can be.  Part of this will be accomplished by the upcoming site upgrade, but much of it is subjective stuff that we could use your input on.

As always when I gather feedback I'll provide a few prompts.  Feel free to use or ignore them as you see fit.

    What do you like about the current (6.x) guides?
    What do you dislike about the current (6.x) guides?
    What is your favorite guide in terms of layout?
    What is your least favorite guide in terms of layout?
    To what degree should a guide have personality?
    Should our guides give every single optimization, no matter how marginal or dubious, or is there middle ground?
    Should we implement a paywall for hunter mains?

Thank you in advance for reading.  I try not to comment too much on these since I'd rather discussion be organic but I will be keeping close tabs on this thread as Beta progresses.

Stay classy,

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Re: Feedback for Legion Guides

Postby Coryn » Wed Dec 23, 2015 10:01 am

This is a bit of a general feedback idea but part of the problem may be that people can't really find these feedback threads on the forums while browsing the website. Maybe we could create a feedback thread for each of the guide and have a visible link on the actual guide to the feedback thread, along with maybe showing the last 5-10 posts on the bottom of the guide?

Just an idea to increase visibility

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